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Example Essay Function of Management

Discusses the major functions of a management includes the diagram

The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Each of these functions helps the manager in a specific manner to aid in his managerial role. Many recommend following these four steps in order to achieve the success anticipated for future plans of the company. All four of these functions need to be given an equal amount of time as they are important elements in any organization's development and growth.
Planning is setting your ultimate goal, set of steps and tasks it in a convenient way. First goals need to be set, then strategies and standards need to be implemented, last resources have to be obtained and collected. The manager then needs to assign chores and goals for the employees to undertake as the next step in the hierarchy. This is implemented in staffing agency by having a fore plan of the suitable candidate requirements; a goal set, and guided steps one needs to use to choose the best candidate. There are several type of planning. There is strategic planning (long range plan), tactical planning (short range plan), or contingency planning (alternative plan). Strategic planning can answer such strategically important question as who the employee should be, tactical planning relates to how the crew should select the anticipated employee in accordance to the standards set, contingency planning is about having alterative means of finding employees if the current technique has failed.
Organizing defines the previous well planned goals into a integrated system, assigning them to employees and establishing commands to coordinate the work. A structural framework is needed to assemble all these factors together. This is done by organizing the plan and prioritizing the steps to recognize what should be done first and distinguishing subsequent steps throughout the process into a constructed structure. Then each employee is consigned a job to be completed, such as identifying the staff, reviewing there biodata and resumes, keeping accurate record and filing of applications in order for the goals to be obtained.
Leading is motivating a crew to accomplish a target. It is obtained by setting short and long term goals and gaining the ability to deliver these goals to them. The manager should be an idol model, powerful and respectable, and conflict solver, organized and calm, at the same time. This is achieved by being the leader of the process throughout all of its stages, supervising all the jobs appointed to all employees, making sure they are carried through accurately to pursue the objective wanted and using the authority given in a responsible and effective manner. Therefore, a manager should ensure that previous tasks have been completed, candidates to be staffed have been categorized, skills and other relevant data classified, records maintained in a proper way for future reference. A form of directing the workers can be through empowerment, i.e. giving power to reliable workers to make decisions, and being supported by managers at the same time.
Controlling means coordinating procedures and resources to achieve the preset objectives in a very effective and high-standard performance. This is done by thorough monitoring and following of the process updates and structures conducted. The performance should be measured throughout the whole deal and measured against the guidelines and goals set previously, making sure the quality is well maintained, if not to be abruptly located and corrected when needed. Control of the staffing agency must always be up to date, making sure that the objectives are fulfilled, and periodically evaluated.

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Vocabulary Chapter Two

Accommodation Approach
- Managers will do more than the law requires, if asked, and will demonstrate moderate social responsibilitily.

Blended Value
- The nation that all investments are understood to operate simultaneously in both economic and social realms.

Code of Ethics
- Consists of a formal written set of ethical standards guiding an organizations actions.

- People or organizations that compete for customers or resources.

- Those who pay to use an organizations goods or services.

Defensive Approach
- Managers make the minimum commitment to social responsibility(obeying the law but doing nothing more)

Demographics Forces
- Influences on an organization arising from changes in the characteristics of a population(age,gender,ethnic and so on)

Human skills
- Consists of the ability to work well in cooperation with other people in order to get things done.

Informational Roles
- Managers receive and communicate information with other people inside and outside of the organization.

- Finding ways to deliver new or better goods or services.

Interpersonal Roles
- Managers interact with people inside and outside of their work units.

- Motivating, directing and otherwise influencing people to work hard to achieve the organizations goals.

- A group of people who work together to achieve some specific purpose.

- Arranging tasks, people and other resources to accomplish the work.

- Setting goals and deciding how to achieve them.

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Vocabulary Chapter One

Collaborative Computing 
     - Using a state of the art computer software and hardware to help people work better together.

Competitive Advantage
- The ability of an organization to produce goods or services more effectively than competitors do, thereby outperforming them.

Conceptual Skills
     - Consists of the ability to think analytically, to visualize an organization as a whole and understand how the parts work together.

- Monitoring performance, comparing it with goals,and taking corrective action as needed.

- Computerized collections of interrelated files.

E- business
- Using the internet to facilitate every aspect of running business.

- Means to use resources( people,money,raw materials, and the like wisely and cost effectively.

- Means to achieve results, to make the right decisions and successfully carry them out so that they achieve the organization's goals.

- Text messages and documents transmitted over a computer network.

- Someone who sees a new opportunity for a product or service and launches a business to try to realize it.

- The process of taking risks to try to create a new entreprise.

First-line Manager
- Managers who make short term operating decisions,directing the daily tasks of non-managerial personnel.

Functional Manager
- A manager who is responsible for just one organizational activity.

General Manager 
- An executive vice president that control over several departments.

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