Monday, 30 July 2012

Tutorial One

Question 1

What is the management process?
a)  planning, organizing, learning, controlling
b)  organizing,planning,learning, controlling
c)  planning,organizing,controlling,leading
d)  planning,organizing,leading,controlling

Question 2

What is the level of management according to orders from top?
a)  Top managers, first line managers,middle managers,nonmanagerial personnel
b)  Nonmanagerial personnel, first line manager,middle managers,top managers
c)  Top managers,middle managers,first line managers,nonmanagerial personnel
d)  Top managers,middle managers,nonmanagerial personnel,first line managerial

Question 3

What is the types of managerial roles?
I. Interpersonal roles
II. Personal roles
III. Informational roles
IV. Decisional roles

a)  I,II,III  c) I,II,IV b)  I,III,IV  d)I,II,III,IV

Question 4

What is the type of organization?
I. For profit organization
II. Non profit organization
III.For benefit organization
IV. Mutual benefit organization

a) I,II,III  c) I,II,IV  b) I,III,IV   d) II,III,IV

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