Monday, 6 August 2012

Vocabulary Chapter One

Collaborative Computing 
     - Using a state of the art computer software and hardware to help people work better together.

Competitive Advantage
- The ability of an organization to produce goods or services more effectively than competitors do, thereby outperforming them.

Conceptual Skills
     - Consists of the ability to think analytically, to visualize an organization as a whole and understand how the parts work together.

- Monitoring performance, comparing it with goals,and taking corrective action as needed.

- Computerized collections of interrelated files.

E- business
- Using the internet to facilitate every aspect of running business.

- Means to use resources( people,money,raw materials, and the like wisely and cost effectively.

- Means to achieve results, to make the right decisions and successfully carry them out so that they achieve the organization's goals.

- Text messages and documents transmitted over a computer network.

- Someone who sees a new opportunity for a product or service and launches a business to try to realize it.

- The process of taking risks to try to create a new entreprise.

First-line Manager
- Managers who make short term operating decisions,directing the daily tasks of non-managerial personnel.

Functional Manager
- A manager who is responsible for just one organizational activity.

General Manager 
- An executive vice president that control over several departments.

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